Announcement: Myokit workshop!

Update: The workshop was a great success! Many thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you had a great time and will find Myokit a useful addition to your scientific toolbox. The hand-outs used during the workshop can be downloaded here.

Date: September 20th 2014, 13:30
Location: Maastricht University (see the map below)

Dear all,

It is our pleasure to announce the organization of a workshop "In silico cellular electrophysiology with Myokit", to be held on the first day of the 38th Meeting of the European Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology (EWGCCE), here in Maastricht.

Myokit is a software package developed at Maastricht University that aims to strip away some of the technical difficulties associated with in-silico work in cellular electrophysiology and lower the barrier for entry into this field. Modelers benefit from reduced implementation times and the ability to write generic, re-usable experiment code.

Model equations in Myokit are directly available to the user through a compact modeling language. Experiments are set up, run and post-processed in Python which provides graphical and numerical tools similar to Matlab. High performance is guaranteed through backends in C (using CVODE) and OpenCL (to run parallelized experiments on CPU or GPU).

During this two-hour workshop, we hope to demonstrate the great utility of this approach for both experienced modelers and those wishing to take up work in computational cellular electrophysiology. Assistence with installation or other technical issues will be provided afterwards.

Because Myokit is under active development, we would greatly appreciate to hear your comments or feedback at this time.

The workshop is scheduled to start on Saturday 20 September at 13:30 and will take place at a 1-minute walk from the EWGCCE meeting venue in the centre of Maastricht. We'll finish up at 15:30, half an hour before the start of the opening speech of the EWGCCE meeting.

Registration is free for EWGCCE meeting attendees. To register, please send an email to Michael Clerx or Enno de Lange. More information about Myokit including downloads and full documentation can be found at

We hope to welcome you all there,
with kind regards,
  Michael Clerx & Enno de Lange


The workshop will be held at the Department of Knowledge Engineering (DKE), just one minute's walk from the EWGCCE Meeting venue.


Bouillonstraat 8-10
6211 LH Maastricht
The Netherlands


As the workshop will take a hands-on approach, a number of computers with a Myokit installation will be available at the venue. If you'd like to bring your own laptop, please do! To save time, please pre-install Myokit on your system.

Some computers with Myokit installed.