Windows: Easy installation

This page explains how to install Myokit using a stand-alone, easy-to-download Python distribution. If you're an experienced Python user, and would like to add Myokit to your existing installation, you can also use the custom installation procedure.

Easy installation procedure

Myokit can be installed in two steps:

  1. Download WinPython (look on the `downloads' page) and install it to

    WinPython website

  2. Download and install Myokit using the default options. Choose the installer (64 or 32bit) that matches your WinPython installation.

    Myokit 1.26.3 installer for WinPython (64 bit) Myokit 1.26.3 installer for WinPython (32 bit)

This two-step procedure will create a stand-alone Python distribution that won't interfere with any existing Python installations. It includes libraries such as NumPy and SciPy to provide a complete scientific environment.

Adding OpenCL support

If you want to use the OpenCL based libraries, look here for instructions.


To uninstall Myokit, first use the uninstaller program bundled with Myokit. Next, simply delete the WinPython directory that was created during WinPython installation.


Please note: WinPython is a third-party software package with its own licensing and copyright restrictions. The Myokit installer provides binary packages for CVODE, another third-party package that is part of the Sundials suite of solvers. Licensing information on CVODE can be found here.

Further questions

If you have any questions, please email Michael Clerx ( or check out the Myokit mailing list.